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Going Away this Winter?

Going Away this Winter?

Did you know most insurance policies require your home to be checked every 72 hours if you are away for your policy to remain valid? Check with your insurance company today, then let the professionals at Central look after what matters most.

Our professional security experts will attend your property based on the frequency of your agreement, and complete our included services listed below.  Additional services are available as well.

You can rest easy while away from your property, and you will receive a report the same day our experts attend to assure all is well.

Ask about our premium video surveillance package that allows us to watch your house around the clock while you're away.

Included Services

• Interior & Exterior Surveillance/Staggered Visits
• Visual Checks for Pests & Rodents
• Completed Report With Each Visit
• Digital Electronic Copy Of Each Visit Sent Daily
• Storm Check Within 12 Hours Of a Severe Storm
• Pick Up Papers & Flyers
• Set Utilities for Absence
• Set Utilities for Return
• Water Interior Plants (First 5 Included)
• Immediate Notification Of Emergencies
• Free Security Assessment/Report for First-Time Clients 


We also offer these additional services

• Feed Indoor Pets
• Shovel/Clear Snow
• Alarms Systems
• Video Surveillance Systems
• Cottage Check *New Service*
• Empty/Change Pet Litter Box

• Put Out/Retrieve Trash Cans
• Water Lawn/Outdoor Garden
• Water Additional Interior Plants
• Pool/Hot Tub Cleaning & Maintenance
• 24-Hour Response for Police/Fire/Alarm


Call us before your next vacation so you can relax knowing that your home is looked after.

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